We watched the Channel Awesome 2010 film Kickassia because we needed to set the bar somewhere for this series about 21 May 2010.

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Director: Doug Walker. Writers:.

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She spends most of the special trying to off the Nostalgia Critic. Evil Laugh: In part 6, when she attempts to claim Kickassia as her own. 🎮 Platformer based on the characters from OneyPlays and Channel Awesome Story: One night, Oney with friends decided to take a trip to Kickassia to see if it was a real place. When they arrived, Our GB Podcast Patreon-exclusive commentary for Kickassia, originally recorded January 20th, 2019, is now available for free! AboutPressCopyrightContact KICKASSIA official poster.

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Starring: Doug Walker, Lindsay Ellis, Lewis Lovhaug and others. The honor of a new nation will be born! A nation that I will call KICKASSIA! Kickassia is a six-part feature-length original online film created by Doug Walker and the rest of the gang at Channel Awesome (including the Nostalgia Chick, Linkara, Spoony The Bum reviews Kickassia. This is a former DVD exclusive episode.

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2010. Watch Kickassia Online for free without any registration. Watch Kickassia Online Now in HD and high quality video. Kickassia (2010).

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KICKASSIA Kickassia is a six part second anniversary special of That Guy with the Glasses and Channel Awesome staring Doug Walker as the Nostalgia Critic. It was later put on DVD. The plot is spanned over six parts (The Withering Eye, Triumph and Treacle, Inglorious Glory, The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, The Fall of the Risen, and All the Really Bad Shit Happens). It centers around the Voiceover as Kickassia is shown. Chris Larios: Dateline Kickassia! Year one of the new Critic Imperium. Confidence is high as this new and proud nation works long and hard to establish its new government. Cut to Chris Larios standing in front of Kickassia.